Sunday, February 24, 2008


I found many web tools that I may go back and try later. I want to use the many web tools I've started using through 23 Things a little more before changing to something else. If anything is at the top of my list it is Google Apps for Schools and Students. Having the ability to access my school/home calendar no matter where I am would be great and only needing to maintain ONE calendar would be a dream come true. Also, the application has so many of the other Google operations I'm getting use to having available. Google Apps being available to school staff would help acclimate staff to web tools. As I've shared before using Google Docs has been so helpful in working on projects with others without trying to schedule yet another meeting in already full calendars! Many times while working at home I have wanted my school contact list but couldn't get to it until I returned to work. Google Apps would help solve that problem too. The student section would be great to have too. It would allow our students to email each other or collaborate on projects without getting together physically. The ad for Google Apps says it's free too! I wonder if SBISD has looked into this?

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