Monday, February 11, 2008


HELP! I've gotten lost in RSS and newsreaders and can't work anymore...hee...hee Oh my gosh I could not believe how much was available out there and I've only scratced the surface. Before I wrote this I spent a few days playing around subscribing and unsubscribing just to feel like I could address the three questions I needed to address for this entry. Ok, what I like is that once I get my favorite RSS and newsreaders saved it will save me time staying up on the latest and greatest news and information. Currently as a classroom teacher I could use this as a way to help my students work on local or world current events by narrowing their resources. This will also help students who have no resources such as the local newpaper at home. Its use in the library has so many uses including but not limited to keeping this future librarian up to date and allowing patrons to build their personalized RSS and newsreader listings. You didn't ask for negatives but I have one...I can't quit working to stay home on the computer. Oh well, I don't think my eyes could stand that much screen exercise anyway :-)

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