Sunday, February 24, 2008


OpenOffice will allow me to do something my son has been after me to do for the longest time - get rid of Microsoft products. He has long held the belief that one reason I've had so much trouble with my computers is the fact that Microsoft is often the target of pranksters. I have a laptop at home that has Vista on it and I hate it! So as soon as I finish my Rice University science class in May I'm going to switch! A fellow classmate at UHCL introduced me to Google Docs. We have been using it to collaborate on our class assignment and sharing the work load. I think it's great because not only does it allow us to share ideas and work, it doesn't matter if I want to work on it at home or work.


Grendel said...

I am glad to know how you feel about OpenOffice. I don't have anything at home yet and have been wondering about this as opposed to Microsoft Office. I have had good lujck with OpenOffice at school.

Grendel said...

Sorry-I meant to type "luck!"