Monday, February 4, 2008


Yes, I know I went out of order but that's the neat thing about the 23 Things. Once you get your blog up and going you can look for and use the "things" in the order of interest or need.

Now, to comment on Library 2.0 let me say I think it is time that we took a really hard look at what we expect from our students and how we expect them to get the information we hope they will internalize and apply to solving world problems. I for one am thrilled to finally see some of the changes that were predicted when I was in middle school 39 years ago become reality!

My son and I use to spend hours together at a local book store picking out books to skim, scan, and buy. The hours would fly by as we sat together sharing our finds and the wonderings inside each chosen book. When we needed refreshment we could bring a latte or cola back to our table and relax, talk, and read even longer. Then, before we knew it that same relaxed atmosphere was built into our county's newest public library. Yes, I said LIBRARY! We entered into the new library with wide eyed, child like awe. Upon entering there was a coffee shop. Just past the coffee shop there were check out lanes similar to a bank with teller booths, each manned by a smiling staff person there to help patrons learn how to self check-out materials. Walking farther into the library the children's section with a large tree in the corner and "tree stumps" to read on, books everywhere, and stations of computerized robots to build and manipulate was found. Looping to the left were tables with built in plugs so those patrons who prefered to bring their own laptops could plug in and use the library's free wifi service. During the walking tour the constant movement of people and numerous conversations seem strange to visiting traditional patrons. Then, a small room with glass doors and "No Talking" signs revealed the quiet room where patrons who choose to enter are asked to leave their drinks and conversation behind. Although small in size the silence reminded us of more "normal" library spaces void of noise and movement allowing those who wished to stay in a place to work in without interruption. This was over eight years ago and I for one am anxiously waiting for similar library's to be built for our patrons in our school systems.


VWB said...

nice thoughts...

a piece of music kept playing in the background but there was no way for me to turn it off so I could concentrate on your thoughts...did I miss the button somewhere?

(I finally turned my computer speaker off )

arkreynoldsa said...

Dear vwb,
I hadn't figured the button part out yet. I've gone in and changed the music and the setting so it shouldn't loop anymore after playing once.

Go back in and read my thoughts and let me know what you think. Could any of this be in SBISD's future as they build new buildings?