Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've had this on my blog for awhile and just failed to write the post to go with LibraryThing. It was fun browsing the site for my books and I look forward to talking to others who enjoy some of the quirky books I enjoy. Wally Lamb is suppose to have a new book out soon (I think) and when he does I'll have to stay off the computer long enough to read! One cool thing I found on the LibraryThing is a chance to sign up to write book reviews. I missed February but I've put their blog on my RSS feed so I'll get the next update for March-I can't wait to see what is being offered. This would be a neat way to "advertise" what books are new in the library or to let staff help select new purchases, thus keeping everyone involved and interested in seeing that funds are available for new books.

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