Saturday, February 23, 2008


WIKI's what are they? That was the question I went around asking everyone before I started the UHCL cohort. I found information on The 23 Things and even watched the video "WIKI's in Plain English". Since then I've built my own Wiki and assisted our school librarian in setting up a staff Wiki. I used WetPaint to set up the Wiki's and since I won't be using them with students age 13+ or to contact parents I didn't qualify for ad free Wiki pages so they have ads. WOW, it didn't take long for a staff member to complain about an ad that said "Pimp up your page". I got a great idea for using the Wiki's for group collaboration from the AASL Wiki. I wish I could use this for my students! Anyone have any ideas?


VWB said...

PB Wiki has ad-free wikis for educators. Wikispaces does the same thing. Since your wiki is relatively new (I assume) then maybe you will want to look into these (or other? ad-free) choices

arkreynoldsa said...

I'm going to try wikispaces. Thanks VWB - your the guru and the greatest!